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bodybuilder daniele seccarecci double biceps

bodybuilder big johnny blue eyes asian bodybuilder This page of bodybuilding photos gets tall and large very fast.  Meet 6'3" 270 lb. Big Johnny Blue Eyes at left.  I had just photographed him in Los Angeles and as we were walking around he met a short Asian bodybuilder. He looked great. So I took this photo of them to include another Asian on my website.  Washington is always on my back about not including enough Asians on my tall men's website.  Uh, do you know how many Asians there are in this world?  Lots and lots.  And you do you know what percent of them are tall?  Uh, about the same percent of fortune cookie predictions that actually come true.  What am I to do? But he looks great anyway.

Expect to see new exclusive pics of 6'4" Grant Steele in the future as well as his buddy also named Grant.  Possibly in early August.  They are both great looking Nordic type who lives out in cowboy country.

6'3" (1.9m) Nate Rose is a huge British muscleman. You can see more of him here at his website.

Bodybuilder Daniele Seccaricci was so bad at marketing himself it took me forever to even figure out how tall he was. Was he too short to appear on this website?  Was he not? Well right when I decided he was tall enough to be here at 6'3" he died! Oh dear, sounds like more of the cardiac problems from obsessively overdoing you-know-what.  If only they would do less supplements and stop overtraining they would actually get bigger. Darn that "disorder" part of the damn obsessive compulsive disorder thing!

Daniele was an Italian muscle guy who grew up in Syracuse. From an early age he became interested in the world of bodybuilding, getting good results in the junior category. At 26 years he turned professional and at the 2006 Spanish Grand Prix he went close to qualifying for the Mister Olympia. He was certified in 2010 by the Guinness World Records as the heaviest competitive bodybuilder, with a competition weight of 135 kg (298 lbs). He had an affair with adult film actress Brigitta Bulgari, whom he casually met at Milan's airport and then a relation with professional bodybuilder Daniela D'Emilia. He was arrested in 2011 under charges of illegal steroid marketing and briefly subject to home detention. He died of a heart attack on 4 September 2013 at 33 years of age.

Here's a recording of bodybuilder Daniele Seccarecci's flexathon routine Nordic Pro 2013 muscle contest.  But you can't watch it here @ It has music in it that has copyright issues.  You have to watch it on YouTube AND you have to watch an ad AND you can't skip the ad. But it's worth seeing.

Daniele looks spectacular of course. He is so cut, ripped, shredded and dehydrated ... how could something bad had ever happened to him??

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