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 big don weho smiling headshot 2014 I'm a boyish, artistic intellectual with high energy/affectionate personality. Fantastic sense of humor and very creative both visually and verbally. Poor at dishwashing, putting toys away, thinking "into the box" (money, chess, negotiating, etc). I'm idealistic, romantic and uninhibited.  I like to keep my boyfriends laughing, hug them from behind and kiss their necks, take them places they would not have found on their own and keep their computers running perfectly.

I like smart guys who go to the gym, play sports, jog, etc. They can be bodybuilders, athletes, fit, or even big bellied powerlifter types. They can even have faces like an unmade bed.

I really enjoy the company of other artists/writers or their fans, bohemians, musicians, inventors, entrepreneurs, high tech people, teachers, counselors, humanities types, etc. but have also met plenty of people in other professions who I've liked a lot. I have a BA in English.

I've worked in Hollywood for over fifteen years as a 3D computer animator.  I don't draw Mickey Mouse, that's cel animation. I create special FX in live action movies, like adding the animated dinosaurs to Jurassic Park.  If you'd like to see some of my artwork just click here.  In 2010 I won an Emmy award for work I did on Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks's HBO series "The Pacific."  Too bad after that all the animation work in Los Angeles fled the city for other countries that give generous tax breaks to productions. Since I got outsourced (along with everybody I ever worked with) I just fix computers and run this absolutely fab website.  It gives me the chance to meet the tallest, best looking men in the world, to practice writing websites from scratch, and to keep my photography skills up and running recording guys here in West Hollywood.

short warning For legal kicks  I protest the evil cult of Scientology whose world HQ is So Cal, especially Hollywood. They return the favor by watching my cell phone records, sending PI's to follow me and trashing me online.  They are  an anti-Gay anti-psychiatrist fascist pyramid scheme. Believe it!  Check out my Emmy winning (2X) work at

I created this comedy short while living in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Do you like Nazi villains, big boobed black girls, old movies and radiation?  How can you not watch this? It won several awards and was shown at the Raleigh Studios Chaplin Theater across from Paramount on Melrose.

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Occupation:  Feature film 3D computer animator, freelance PC repairman when between flicks.  I fix both Windows and Macs. Then of course there is my male model photography.  I also do websites like the one you are reading right now.
Ethnicity: White/Germanic DOB: July 31, 1965
Location: West Hollywood, CA Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Height: 6'2" (1.87m) Weight: 210 lbs. (95kg)
Morning or Evening: Evening mostly Outness: Totally
Butch/Femme/Androgynous: Mostly Butch Shyness: Outgoing
Religion: Not religious Education: B.A. in English
Drinking: Socially Smoking: Friend of Jimmy (Hendrix)
Piercings: None Tattoos: None
Thank God for Jesus Dress Up!
One whiff of The Onion and you'll laugh till you cry