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big don weho

big don weho headshot big don wehoPictures taken in Los Angeles in 2007 or later. I'm either alone or with various models like Aron Ridge, James Cambell and Big Brit.  I weighed about 200 to 220 lbs.

Some of the photos were taken by bodybuilder Bob Patrick when we went to Angeles National Forest.  Some of the photos feature my old boyfriend Ken the bodybuilder architect. 

I decided to give myself a kooky, asymmetrical (lopsided) haircut in 2008 to celebrate the global economic collapse.  This haircut looked nicer in person when you could walk around it. It doesn't still photograph well since that has to be done from one angle.  People either loved or hated this haircut. It was a real attention getter.  I walked into Golds Gym Hollywood once and there were a lot of teenage girls there on a tour or something.  They squealed with delight (as only teenage girls can) at my hair and demanded "show us the back show us the back!"  When I turned around they just went nuts for it!

It was a very funny sight seeing twenty straight teenagers go nuts for a forty year old Gay guy in the middle of the gayest gym in town!

The last two photos were stills from a comedy video I did in Cincinnati, Ohio in the 1990s:  "Nick Dixon Private Eye."

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