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tall man too tall to be measured

short man wears tall man clothes Uh oh, what happened to this guy?  Did he shrink?  No he is just the shortest guy they could find to try on the clothes of giant, giant guy.  I wish I knew who these men were.  They obviously among the tallest men in the world. Otherwise why would they have taken such crazy pictures while out and about?

Unfortunately they are mystery men to me, which is why you see the symbol at right.

About the only face I recognize on this page is a cardboard cut-out of basketball player Yao Ming, and that's not very helpful.anonymous


Exiting an MG sports car always requires a bit of agility, but when the canvas top is up, it takes considerable creativity. This video was shot at the 2013 Celebration of Automobiles Concours d'Elegance, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the opening day of practice for the Indy 500.

The owner is shown arriving at the Speedway in a 1932 MG J2, a car he raced in last year's Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. This unrehearsed performance was recorded by an MG owner, who had no advance knowledge of the car's scheduled appearance and serendipitously was in position to witness this display of dexterity. It's fitting that this occurred only 150 yards from Pit Row, where IndyCar drivers often need assistance getting out from their modern race cars.

After viewing the video, the 6'5" tall owner shared, "I appreciate your capturing the only time we have ever had the top on the J2. If my back has anything to say about it, it was a one-time affair!"

Note the right-hand side steering and the difference in size from the adjacent 1926 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.


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