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giant man in small world

No page on this website takes longer to fill up than this one. Finding pictures of bigfoot is easier! But these photos are some of my favorites. Lots of "ohmigawd" moments of big men in a small world. I just like photos of massive guys trying to fit onto kiddie rides.  Just look at the photo of the late Manute Boll and how he could cripple a horse by sitting on it!

Also here are some of the photos from my "suit of armor collection." It's found in the Tower of London and tall tourists love to show off in front of it. There are literally hundreds of photos of tourists in the Tower who are tall and they have their picture taken next to a giant suit of armor.  Of course people were not as tall back then so it must have been a rare knight who was huge enough to have custom giant armor made for him.

I also really like photos of giant guys next to puny cars or, even better, trying to squish themselves into itty bitty cars.  I have literally gotten into sports cars and my knees were up next to my head because there was no legroom.  I used to own a Fiat Brava automobile and my head would always scrape the inside roof when I drove.  Hair would get stuck to the ceiling.  I could open the sun roof in warm weather and then my head started to stick out of it like a giraffe on a circus train.  And I am only 6'2" (1.87m).  Imagine how some of these giants feel every day facing a world which is just plain tiny.

The huge problem for tall guys (besides cars) are planes.  Either they have to buy a first class ticket at extra cost or they try to get an aisle seat where everybody trips over them. When those things aren't available they can spend hours with their knees up around their ears. I know how that feels!  Short people can buy children's clothes but tall men are stuck buying tent sized shirts for fat people.  Wearing shoes larger than size 12 US is also an expensive problem.  As of 2013 a pair of shoes for the tallest man in America would cost about $15,000.

It takes about six months to find one page full of pictures.

This tall superchub guy shows a car who is boss.


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