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male modelSeveral of these men are aspiring male models who I found on .  7'1' Timofey Mozgov should be in the Basketball section but I have lots of photos of this superhandsome giant just being himself off the job.  Also on this page is supergiant actor Andrei Sviridov.

Timofey Pavlovich Mozgov (born 1986) is a Russian professional basketball player who currently plays for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is 7'1"  (2.16 m) tall and weighs 250 pounds (110 kg). He plays at the center position.


Bodybuilder Rudy Coia has also been posting lots of videos on YouTube.  His channel has 224 videos. In this random video he is so buff cut and handsome, as you might expect.  Otherwise why did I just bring it to your attention?Plus there is the French accent. Ooh la la! Eat a donut, buddy, you have no bodyfat! Eeek!  He could starve to death while sleeping overnight!

These bodybuilders are using the Internet to get attention that they would not have gotten in the past unless they were in a muscle magazine like Muscle and Fitness.  Using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Vine and YouTube many people have become mini-stars in their own right, not just bodybuilders.  And some, like Justin Bieber, have become actual REAL stars. So we have the Internet to thank for him, ERF.  Unfortunately their audience is fickle and most of them have no talent for almost anything.

One Internet star, Cameron Dallas, is a cute young (short) man who gained famed with "nothing special" YouTube videos. But he caused a massive sensation in Manhattan when he Tweeted that he would go shopping in a mall there. Many screaming teenage girls showed up to follow him for no particular reason.  It seems some folks like amateurish videos as it makes the videographer seem more human and less "Hollywood slick."


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