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Tall swimmer short swimmer

Halloween Costumes Terminator Homeless anonymousI don't know if that incredibly hot tall man at left is supposed to be "The Terminator" for Halloween or if he is using his gun simply to enforce the beer donations for his short cute friend.

Unfortunately I know almost nothing about the people on this page. The have been plucked from the Internet anonymously.

Too bad most of them are "mystery men," guys without their own web page much less a lighting man.  Bad anonymous photos buried in giant websites. But I've rescued these sideways, backwards, blurry, grainy guys and polished them for presentation in perpetuity on the pages of  Languages come and go, countries are forgotten but handsome photos live forever.

Photos in many of these galleries were probably taken in the  mid 2000s when I first published them.  They are taken from picture sites like Webshots, which was popular at the time.

6'9" Will and 6'5" wife Keisha are the world's tallest couple and are interviewed by Britains GMTV.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.