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Here are some great looking male model/actor types and others I've been given or found on the web. Some have profiles on, a very sexy site of people of all heights. Even girls! Plus this page inherits some of the out of control shirtlessness of the previous gallery. And yet the second tallest, awesomely hottest guy is, like, totally shirted fer shur! It's 6'8" (2.03m) actor Troy at left. With his perfect face and giant shoulders he looks like the star of a detective TV show. A show where all the other actors have to stand on milk crates during his scenes. The shortest guy on the page is only 6'4" (1.93m). Poor guy!


Big shirtless Lance is putting puny little Michael from Singapore on his "grow taller" program. Lance claims he is using a secret diet and exercise program to make short people tall. Yeah right.  More like making short people's wallets lighter!  But doesn't Lance look nice anyway.

I think Lance would have better luck putting short people on a torture rack and stretching them.


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