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anonymous Here's a collection of adorable tall men skewing on the young side. I really like the guy flexing at left, whoever he is. Another mystery man.   If anybody can ID these guys help me out here.


Martin Valentin Larsen is a 6'6" 225 lb. WBFF pro fitness model from Denmark. So folks are calling him the "Great Dane."  Good enough for me!  Fitness modeling is a type of bodybuilding less concerned with bulk and hugeness of muscles and more concerned with cut-ness, low fat and perfect faces.  Martin is 24 in 204 and is so handsome it is almost preposterous.  He's got the face Beverly Hills plastic surgeons only dream about duplicating. 

With so many perfect looking men entering various bodybuilding contests they all deserve a trophy. What is a judge to do?  So the models try to make one body part really stand out. For Martin it's his abdominals.  Thanks to his great genes and resistance training he has got one amazing 8 pack. Of course he also probably eats nothing but tuna fish and broccoli.  Meh, that's a little too high a price to pay for me. I can't help it!  I know sour cream is bad for you but it makes everything taste better.  Even soup!


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