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anonymousThis is another page of beautiful tall men who I know nothing about unless their shirts say something about them. Too bad most of them are "mystery men," guys without their own web page much less a lighting man.  Bad anonymous photos buried in giant websites. But I've rescued these sideways, backwards, blurry, grainy guys and polished them for presentation in perpetuity on the pages of  Languages come and go, countries are forgotten but sexy photos live forever.

Photos in many of these galleries were probably taken in the mid 2000s when I first published them.  They are taken from picture sites like Webshots, which was popular at the time.

So all I know is the guy at left is either Italian or an Italo-phile (Italy lover).  I hear Italians make great lovers because Italian is the language of love.  Oh wait, no French is the language of love.  Italian is the language of pasta.

In this funny sketch the tall guys is not really that tall. He's actor/director Michael Mcdonald who is only 6'3" (1.9m) which is still tall enough to be on my site.

Michael McDonald was born and raised in Fullerton, Orange County, California. He graduated from USC with a degree in Business and became a loan officer at a bank in Los Angeles. A friend took him to see a sketch comedy/improv show at L.A.'s famous Groundling Theater, and everything changed for him. McDonald quit his job as a banker, enrolled in the Groundling's Improv Program, and became a member of the troupe from 1992 to 1997.

His first professional writing and acting jobs came from Concorde Pictures, Roger Corman's infamous low-budget movie studio. Starting as an extra, McDonald landed small roles in many B-movies of the early 1990s, and he gradually earned bigger roles as well as eventually writing and directing some films. After numerous small roles in various television sitcoms in the mid-990s, McDonald obtained a starring role on "MADtv" (1995).

The customer is played by the beautiful and talented Stephnie Weir who was on the show from 2000 to 2006.


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