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Tall man with girls

tall shirtless boys jokinganonymousWhaaat? Flip me the bird?  You're lucky you've got your shirt off buddy or I'd be pissed. I wish I knew who these two smarties were but I don't.

Too bad all of them are "mystery men," guys without their own web page much less a lighting man.  Bad anonymous photos buried in giant websites. But I've rescued these sideways, backwards, blurry, grainy guys and polished them for presentation in perpetuity on the pages of  Languages come and go, countries are forgotten but sexy photos live forever.

In fact, since my site has been around since 2006 it has outlasted the brief sports careers of some of the athletes profiled. People act like they love an athlete but they forget about them when new ones come along. Perhaps someday this website will be the main place these folks will be remembered!  That's weird.

Photos in many of these galleries were probably taken in the mid-2000s when I first published them.  They are taken from picture sites like Webshots, which was popular at the time.

A really tall handsome guy who needs a haircut (6'5" 1.95m) does a funny, frustrated monologue about the hazards of being tall.  This is a sequel to his previous video of stupid things people say to tall people.

My favorite? "Do you play basketball?" Oh boy did I get that one over and over again in college. And I hate sports and was skinny as a stick! Wilt Chamberlain was asked "how's the weather up there?" so much he eventually began spitting on people and saying "it's raining."

Andrew has way more cute videos like this on his youtube page. Not only is he adorable and has a great screen presence he also has a fine voice-over voice.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.