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tall man

tall soldieranonymousThis page features 6'9" Giant Toby shown at left dwarfing his father!  He looks great in that uniform too. There are plenty of photos of him down near the bottom of the page.

In the middle are some terrific photos of a 6'10" Dutch stud and his friends. There are a lot of great images of his on vacation an in big dance parties. I'm sure he is sick of being asked how tall he is which is why he wears the skin tight muscle shirt you see above.

The rest are mystery men who I know nothing about.

tallest man in US just wants new shoes

Massive Minnesota resident Igor Vovkovinskiy is the largest man in America and he is paying the price. The price is $5,000 for a single pair of shoes!  After someone grows beyond seven feet (2.3m) the health problems pile up.  Poor Igor is now confined to a wheelchair and surgery on his feet made his old shoes useless.  Now he struggles to get through the day and needs a new pair of shoes.  But he can't buy off the rack because this Ukranian-American is the size of a shoe store! WCCO TV's Holly Wagner tells the story.


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