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anonymous Big Don is being a bad boy posting the photo at right. Always remember not to post photos like this on Webshots because there might be people like me out there! I can't imagine how much liquor it takes to get a guy that big drunk. I also can't imagine what the photographer did after the camera was off.

But imagining what is going on in this photos is part of the fun because I know nothing about these guys. They are mystery men.

Oh except for the photos I took in the middle of the page of the superlean buff Hollywood muscle daddy. He's a retired showbiz executive who lives in a mansion at the foot of the Hollywood Hills. I shot him in his backyard at the pool.

Meet 6'1" bodybuilder Evan Stokes

Evan visits Muscle Beach in Venice CA.  Evan competed at the 2013 NPC Jr USA bodybuilding show where he placed th in the men's physique class F category. Height: 6'' Weight: 200 lbs Neck: 6" Chest: 42.5" Forearm: 4.5" Arm: 7" Waist: 33" Thigh: 20" Calf: 6.75" . Wow if he was only the 5th that must have been a tough show!

 Many many more muscle guys in my Bodybuilding Section.


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