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smiling white college boy headshot anonymousPlucked from the Internet datastream here are some of the best looking tall guys on the photo trading sites. Too bad I know nothing about them. They are mystery men. Are they college jocks? Frat boys? You are free to fantasize.

Also one muscle daddy for good measure.

I've rescued these sideways, backwards, blurry, grainy guys and polished them for presentation in perpetuity on the pages of  Languages come and go, countries are forgotten but handsome guy photos live forever.

Tall bodybuilder 6'8" Ike Catcher

Tall bodybuilder Ike Catcher is one of the best looking super-tall muscle men in the world and also one of the most annoying. I assume muscle guys might be narcissists but he is so over the top that even other tall bodybuilders have bad mouthed him.  The epitome of "what you get is what you see" he is known for bringing loudspeakers to the Venice Beach muscle pit and blasting his terrible "German rap songs" while he works out in a grandstanding manner.  Nobody elese ever brings their loudspeakers there.  WTF?  While I was there he complained to me that he did not want to be on this website because "I am not Gay." Well neither was the model I was shooting that day and neither are lots and lots of the guys on my site.  He did not like that "Every time I google myself your site comes up." 

Yeah that is because he has no idea how to market himself.  So I gladly deleted his page here, per his request, to help sabotage his search engine marketing. He then brought this fiftysomething man to me who looked kind of homeless and told me "This is my manager he runs the weight pit."  Hilarious!

He likes to pick women up over his head and troll for attention from tourists. This video is by because I would never upload one of his own videos as they appear to be edited by a crazy person!  Big Don will just wait for the inevitable accident he will have from grandstanding with heavy weights and doing acrobatics on bodybuilding equipment not designed for it.

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