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anonymousPlucked from the Internet datastream here are some of the best looking tall guys on the photo trading sites. But don't expect the original Myspace or Webshots photos to look this good. I've rotated, cropped and cleaned up these folks to look their best.

Too bad I know nothing about them. They are mystery men. You are free to fantasize.

I've rescued these sideways, backwards, blurry, grainy guys and polished them for presentation in perpetuity on the pages of  Languages come and go, countries are forgotten but handsome guy photos live forever.

Many of these photos were probably taken between 2000-2007 when I posted them.  It makes me wonder what happened to these guys since then. Did they graduate from college? Are they still seeing that girl in the photo?  Who knows....

Also on this page is a funny video from the total cutie comedian "Andrew Bearden" who is here to explain tall people problems.  Like rotating ceiling fans. Oh I hate those things! They are the devil's home decor.  Once I took my shirt off in the locker room of a gym and my hands went right up into the blades of the ceiling fan.  Fortunately only my pride was injured.

A really tall cute guy (6'5" 1.95m) does a funny, frustrated monologue about the hazards of endless stupid questions from people.

My favorite? "Do you play basketball?" Oh boy did I get that one over and over again in college. And I hate sports and was skinny as a stick! Wilt Chamberlain was asked "how's the weather up there?" so much he eventually began spitting on people and saying "it's raining."

Andrew has way more cute videos like this on his youtube page. He wrote and told me "thanks for the views they are going up on my videos!"  Of course they are Andrew that's one of the perks of being Big Don's Boys.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.