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tall black guy short white guy short stop sign More magnificent guys. Check them out they have a great collection of men and women of all heights.  Like the 6'4" 180 lb. basketballer at left and his supercut short buddy. Short people are only useful for showing how much taller another man is. At least this puny nothing manages to be eye candy.

Unfortunately there are so many merely 6'2" guys on this page that the tall men at the bottom must share the shame of the stop short sign.  If you cannot bear the site of slightly stubby people turn away now!

Too bad the fashion industry has no interest in marketing men 6'3" or taller because there just aren't enough men that big to buy clothes.  A male model doing runway work needs to fit into off the rack clothing and so nobody in modeling is very tall (at least by my standards).  Plus, tall men are intimidating and why would you want to make your customers feel like they don't measure up compared to your models?

If a model IS tall and gets a lot of work that tells you he is easy to deal with and is getting hired over and over again despite being a bit too big.

After Ellen Degeneres guessed whether facts about 6'5" (1.96m) Dwayne Johnson were true or not, she convinced him to show off a rather unique talent -- his ability to make his pecs dance!

This is sometimes called "pec bouncing." Boy, for a Lesbian Ellen sure does care a lot about men's shirtless chests.  She knows what her audience wants and she gives it to them.  How about getting in the dunking pool hunking actor?  You bet they say. It is for charity after all.  She even had Liam Neeson do it.  Eeechh. I don't think that was such a good idea.

Dwayne Douglas Johnson (born 1972), also known�and sometimes credited�by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor and professional wrestler who works for WWE. That's Vince McMahon's pro wrestling circuit. Vince has a gallery all his own.  I could give Johnson a gallery here too, but he has too many tattoos. Yuk!


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