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short stop signThis page of 6'2" incredible looking are is still shorter than I am by up to an inch and so they must bear the red sign of shame at right. But when I went out on a limb and included 6'1" men I could hardly say no to guys taller than that. They are maxed out height-wise as far as modeling goes. If you can't fit into a size 40 long American suit you can't work as a fashion model. So don't lie about your height to seem taller guys, you'll lose work! The best way to get work modeling is to have a great smile, like the 6'2" 175 lb. guy at left. How many other aspiring models can smile on command like that? Not very many!

rugby star ben cohen in details magazine

British rugby star Ben Cohen may be married and have kids but, now that he is retired from "rugbying" he's devoted his time to stopping bullying and homophobia. This videos was shoot for an interview in Details magazine. In 2011, Cohen founded The Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, Inc., which is, according to its website, "the world�s first foundation dedicated to raising awareness of the long-term, damaging effects of bullying, and funding those doing real-world work to stop it".  Not only does he like being a Gay icon, he insists on it!  More pics and videos of Big Ben right here.


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