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short stop sign If you like big black boys you have come to the right page. Just by coincidence two thirds of the photos in this gallery are of dark skinned men.  But at only 6'1" they are not quite big enough to be on my website. They are shorter than me by over an inch. But they are all aspiring models I contacted at and they need the exposure. So here it is!

Unfortunately the fashion industry has no interest in marketing men 6'3" or taller because there just aren't enough men that big to buy clothes.  A male model doing runway work needs to fit into off the rack clothing and so nobody in modeling is very tall (at least by my standards).  Plus, tall men are intimidating and why would you want to make your customers feel like they don't measure up compared to your models?

If a model IS tall and gets a lot of work that tells you he is easy to deal with and is getting hired over and over again despite being a bit too big.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.