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very tall man shirtless girlfriend vacation The men on this page are absolutely massive, including a 7'3" German lawyer.  Many men on this page are an incredible 7'0" or taller.  That is the height break at which being really tall stops being sexy and different and starts being a serious health issue. Over that height and the structural elements of the skeleton and tendons begins to break down. It's is just not designed for that size. The weight of the body and the internal organs causes problems like back pain.  Kind of like Dolly Parton not being designed for such staggering hooters and she gets spine issues.

Could you imagine if Dolly Parton was seven feet tall and everything was ... proportional?

This 6'6" (1.98m) Bulgarian teen bodybuilder named George shows that Bulgaria isn't just for dumpy old ladies in babushkas anymore.   He and his friend Ivan strut around then go work out in the yard and box.  For a lot more tall muscle men check out the Bodybuilding section.

Wing Chun Kung Fu should not be confused with Wang Chung, the lame-oh 1980's hair band. Everyone should "wang chung tonight." NEVER "wing chun" tonight or you will kill everyone in the room with your chopsocky moves!
Chief Instructor and former Police Officer, Dominick Izzo and MMA Fighter Martin Fransham of the Montreal Mantis kickboxing club talk about the height and range issues when dealing with a larger person in combat.

Let them talk all they want. Tall men are invincible! For information on Wing Chun Kung Fu and Combat Fitness Training in Chicago visit


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