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model chase mattson shirtless flexing
PAGE 123

The heights of men on this page really skyrockets, starting with 6'2" male model Chase Mattson and zipping quickly into the 7'0" territory. 

Chase Matson is a 6'2" (1.88m) male model with brown hair and green eyes. Not much else is known. Heath Hutchins (what a GREAT stage name)! Is a jock turned model. He played football in college but didn't make it to the NFL. So he sent some photos to modeling agencies and was signed almost immediately. Little else is known.

Also on this page is a 6'9" 500 lb. (227 kg) giant who decided to lose lots of weight. You can see photos of him both before and after here. Boy, when you weigh 500 lbs. you are the size of a family of four!  

Male model Chase Mattson tries the Navy Seal workout!


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