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tall man with friends
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tall handsome man with girl anonymousWho is this man at right? Could he look any handsomer and more perfect?  Well forget figuring out who he is or how tall he has grown because I have no idea.

These random photos come from all over the Internet.  A big thanks to the folks at the Tall Men's Chat website for finding some of them for me.  Data mining is how it is done. Searching online photo collections for words like "giant" and "tall".

But the vast numbers of photos that come up in those searches don't include male model handsome guys.  It's hard to find photos of tall men who look as good as they guy at left.  Almost no men are tall. And most of the tall men are not, surprise, ultragorgeous.

Fortunately my website boils them all down for you.

Also on this page is a bodybuilding video by young Welsh muscleman Big Connor.

Here's a sample video from bodybuilder Big Connor's youtube channel. As of 2013 he was only 19 and is 6'2" and an incredible 240 lbs..  On his website he states "I am 9 years old and from Essex, England. My goal is to be the biggest and best teen bodybuilder in the world! I work out 5 days a week and was the strongest guy in my school. As well as bodybuilding I used to enjoy power lifting and was area champ at Shot Put. I started in training in September 2008 and as you can see I have made huge progress in a short time, my goal is currently to put on as much mass and size as possible."  You can see more photos of him at his gallery right here.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.