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tall man imitates canadian mountie statue
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men clowning in backyard anonymousWhat are those two men at left doing?  Are they disposing of a body? Is that red blood all over the corpse's shirt? Why is the dog tied up and its tongue hanging out? Does it want to eat the corpse and they won't let it?  This is very strange. This is a mystery.  Just like the identities of most of the men on this page. I have no idea who they are much less how tall they are. But they are tall for sure.

7'7" 300 lb. Robert Wegner is a basketball player who played for the University of Maine. He wears size 23 US shoes, which are approximately the size of one basketball court.

Because there is not enough buff musclemen on this page I added a bodybuilding video featuring 6'3" Tyler Starnes.

6'3" Bodybuilder Tyler Starnes
Watch tall bodybuilder Tyler Starnes compete in the 2013 NPC Mid-Atlantic contest in the junior heavyweight class.  He weighs 235 lbs. and is covered with awful looking glop.  Why do bodybuilders worry for months about how their body looks and then, at the last minute, they slather themselves with this fake tanning goop?!  At least the White guys do. It's called "pro-tan."  Without any makeup skills these guys slap brown crap all over their otherwise perfect bodies? The bathroom at the Culver City War Memorial, where many contests are held, turns into a filthy brownish-red mess. It looks like OJ Simpson just killed his wife in there and left lots of bloody smudge marks on the light switch.

Sometimes the venues that host bodybuilding shows get upset that the competitors smear this gunk all over the place.  Especially on the seats.  Worse, some bodybuilders at contests spray themselves with Pam brand cooking oil to give themselves a sexy sheen.  But they, unfortunately, choose "butter flavored Pam" by mistake.  Then they smell like  a movie theater for the rest of the day.  And so does the building.


You can see lots more big bodybuilders like Tyler in the BODYBUILDING SECTION.


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