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anonymouskris humphries shirtless underwear This gallery features more massive 7' (2.3m) guys like "shorty" Kris Humphries at left who is only 6'8" (2.03m) but very handsome.  He currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets.  He is the idiot who married that media slut Kim Kardashian.  Now that they are divorced I don't have to bother cropping her out of photos anymore!  Oh I hate that woman.  Perhaps Kris is at a party celebrating his impending divorce.  NAH. He is surrounded by equally gigantic team mates.

I have no idea who many of the men on this page are so that's why you see the "mystery men" logo.  I don't even know how tall most of them are but there are some giant seven footers held over from the previous page.  Even more giant guys there!

Kris Humphries basketball shirtless modeling6'9" (2.05m) basketballer Kris Humphries hits the beach in Miami for a high intensity training workout. Kris is doing MMA training to help him during his 90-Day Challenge to become the Ultimately Athlete. Whatever that means.

You can see more of Kris at his gallery here. Kris Nathan Humphries (born 1985) is an American professional basketball player with the Brooklyn Nets.

Humphries was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2004 as the 4th pick. He spent two seasons with the Jazz, averaging 3.6 ppg and 2.7 rpg in .6 minutes per game. On June 8, 2006, Humphries was traded along with Robert Whaley to the Raptors. In the 2006-07 season, after a slow start in which he did not receive many minutes from Raptors coach Sam Mitchell, Humphries proved to be a valuable rebounder and energy player and contributed to the Raptors capturing their first ever division title. On March 28, 2007, he grabbed seven offensive rebounds in 27 minutes against the Miami Heat, both a game-high and a career-high. He followed up this performance with nine offensive and 8 total rebounds in a win against the Detroit Pistons on April 3, 2007, again both game and career-highs. Humphries concluded his inaugural season with the Raptors with a career-high 3. rpg and .470 field goal percentage, as well as 3.8 ppg.

On July 9, 2009, Humphries, Shawn Marion and Nathan Jawai were traded to the Dallas Mavericks as a part of the four-team deal among Raptors, Mavericks, Orlando Magic and Memphis Grizzlies. On January , 200 the Mavericks traded Humphries along with G/F Shawne Williams to the New Jersey Nets. On January 27, 200, Humphries scored a career-high 25 points against the Los Angeles Clippers. He previously recorded career highs of 5 and 2 points respectively as a New Jersey Net. The 20 season was a breakout season for Humphries as he averaged a double-double in points and rebounds.

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