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big don weho shirtless 2012
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underwear model glasses I shot a couple different models on this page like gorgeous 6'4" (1.93m) Hercules at left.  I also shot Steven and Lance on the very same day. There were so many male models going in and out of my apt. it was like planes circling LAX airport!  They all looked great.

Steven was the most impressive model.  He is a Polish male model who is great at smiling and letting the camera love him.  We shot pics by the pool, the gym, the hot tub and more.  He has such a wholesome look.  You would be amazed how many aspiring models can't smile for the camera. Uh oh that's not good. Fortunately Steven does not have that problem.

Also on this page are some extremely tall guys.  I know their height but I don't know (or won't tell) their names.

Of course the icon for this page is me :)


Menswear retailer High and Mighty invents "Intl. Hug a Tall Person Day."  It is as imaginary a holiday as "Grandparents Day" but it has more tall people in it, as demonstrated in this video.


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