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jan trojan
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anonymous Where I live in West Hollywood, California (Weho) all the bartenders look as good as these two shirtless brewmeisters. At least they are wearing ties.  Unfortunately they, like every man on this page, is just barely tall enough to be on my site. Hence the warning at right.

Also on this page is actor Nick Ballard who appeared on Bones, 90210 and CSI: New York plus actor Brian Van Holt of the TV show Cougartown and CSI: Miami. Boy these CSI shows sure need a lot of hunky actors.  I hope they don't play the dead bodies.

Jan Trojan is a European fashion model who grew up in Germany and France. Lukas Bossert is another German male model.

There are also lots and lots of aspiring models.  A big thanks to the guys at for letting me use their photos here.  You'll find a lot more hot people of all heights there.

Actor Brian Van Holt discusses upcoming plots in his prime time comedy soap "Cougartown."


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