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Have you heard that the Mormon Church is being destroyed from within by people called APOSTATES?  An apostate is somebody who leaves a religion and then fights it.  Those people have been making websites very critical of the Church and news reports state that attendance at the Mormon temple is down 70 percent!  Excellent!

What do these apostates complain about their ex-religion?  That it is anti-Gay, anti-Black, anti-Women and cares only about money.  And that's just for starters!  So look quickly at these gorgeous tall Mormon boys quickly. Their religion ain't gonna be around much longer.  Among other stupid acts, Mormons wear magic temple garment underwear that is supposed to protect them from life's icky poo things.  They are also forced to go on missionary work when young.  That was the subject of the Tony award winning play "The Book of Mormon" shown behind the scenes below in a video starring tall Gay actor Andrew Rannells. 

I thought that the Church pays for this mission but, no, the boy's parents pay for everything! This missionary work involves going someplace else, possibly the third world, and shoving brochures and books in people's faces.  Most folks don't like that. Even the few people who are suckered into Mormonism this way don't stay in the Church (or cult) for more than 3 years.  This missionary work is a total waste of time and it can leave young Mormon's bitter and annoyed.  Fortunately these boys look so great doing it.

One typical Mormon idiot on mission is Alan Hamson.  Alan Hamson is a prospect for the BYU basketball Class of 2015. Because he is an athlete he is a public figure and I can call him an idiot and post his photos and he can't do anything, legally.  He should not have posted those photos if he didn't want them re-posted anyway.   He plans to walk-on at BYU for the 2015-16 season. He prepped at Pleasant Grove High School (UT) where during his senior season (2011-12) he averaged 10.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 5.9 blocks per game and was voted team MVP. He was also named an honorable mention to the Deseret News all-state team, as well as to the Provo Herald All-Valley and Region 4 teams. His 123 blocks in a season is ranked #2 in Utah state history behind Shawn Bradley. He graduated from High School with a 4.0 GPA and was getting interest from a handful of Ivy League Schools.

mormons crucifiedFollowing High School Hamson served an LDS mission to southern California (Ventura), leaving August 2013. He was lightly recruited out of high school, possibly as a result of his corrective back surgery to repair scoliosis (abnormal curve of the spine). The surgery resulted in a change in his height from 7’0″ (what he played at in High School) to 7’3″. He has not been rated by Rivals, Scout, or ESPN, however it has been rumored that he has been offered a handful of scholarship offers from smaller schools. He was recruited by BYU, Utah, UVU, USU, as well as a handful of Ivy League Schools. However, none offered scholarships due to his health concerns. He is the younger brother of BYU basketball/volleyball standout and L.A. Sparks center Jennifer Hamson.

His missionary work sent him to the exotic straights of California's San Fernando Valley.  Wow how did he tolerate slumming the third world? At left is a photo of Alan looking like he is crucified Jesus style.  That would be a cool thing to do to all Mormons!

Also on this page is another real tallie shown being held and and supported in a non-homo way by his Mormon buddies.  What do these men do together when alone all over the world?  Hmm, Big Don is guessing in his mind and Big Don is getting stimulated!

The star of "The Book Of Mormon" Andrew Rannells tours the backstage at the show that took Broadway by storm.  Andrew (born 1978) is an American actor and singer. He is perhaps best known for his work as Elder Price in the 2011 Broadway musical The Book of Mormon, which earned him a nomination for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical. As a featured soloist on the musical's Original Broadway Cast Recording, he won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album. His other Broadway credits include Jersey Boys and Hairspray. He most recently portrayed the title character in Hedwig and the Angry Inch replacing Neil Patrick Harris, who originated the role in the 2014 Broadway revival at the Belasco Theatre.

Rannells is of Polish and Irish descent, and he is openly Gay. He knew he was Gay by high school. Rannells said he came out to his family when he was 18, but by then they had already figured it out. He also came out to his theater friends but not the people at his all-boys Catholic school. Rannells currently lives in New York City after temporarily re-locating to Los Angeles to film The New Normal. He shares his life with actor Mike Doyle.


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