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6'4" 160 lb. Mylo has cheekbones so big and perfect he doesn't even need ears to hold his sunglasses on. They just perch on his cheeks!  Nah I'm kidding he uses his ears like everybody else.  Mylo is an aspiring fashion model in Hollywood and I photographed him in early 2009 in West Hollywood. Like all skinny guys he loves to wear thick horizontal stripes to make himself look wider. Too bad everyone else in America is fat and wears thin vertical stripes to look thinner. Pretty soon us trim guys will have to special order horizontal striped shirts they will be so hard to find!

I've also included a few of his photos from his modeling portfolio. Milo has the exact look fashion industry people want:  very thin and youthful looking. They don't like them too muscular because it intimidates customers and distracts from the clothes. All Mylo has to do now is work in his smiling on-camera.  When I want to grin I just put feathers in my underwear. Then I'm giggling all day!


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