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I met 6'2" (1.87m) James in 2010 just before he turned 21.  I found him through That site features a lot of great looking people of all heights who are working or aspiring models. He had a few pics taken with a girlfriend but needed more.  So he came over to my house in Hollywood and we took the ones below. James has a superhandsome face with an unusual jawline a lot like actor David Duchovny. I was just glad I finally had another model for the "lanky" gallery. I have too many bodybuilders in my life!

But lanky is what the fashion industry wants because skinny looks younger. Plus, most Americans are getting fat so skinny looks different. James is just the right height and build for all kinds of modeling.  He is also very animated and expressive. If I said "smile" or "frown" he just did it. Many wannabee models have a lot of trouble following direction. And if you can't smile on command you can't make it in Hollywood.  I'm not surprised that James told me he has already gotten runway modeling work in Las Vegas out of his photos.


If you see a pic you think doesn't belong here then email me.