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tall model travis jones headshot brunette

travis jones model basketball headshotTravis Jones is a great looking 6'7" (2m) actor/singer/model.  Yes, he's not just handsome, fit and smart he can sing too!  He is still just a sophomore in college in Arizona but he performed in a high school production of Les Miz and several other shows.  I photographed Travis at Venice beach in mid-July 203 and the pics turned out great! From the side he looks a lot like a giant version of Tom Cruise. But relax, Travis is sane!  From the front he looks just like himself.  Which is to be expected since being yourself is most people's default mode, unless you are a phony actor/Scientologist like Tom Cruise, but don't get me started!

235 lb. Travis hasn't touched a basketball since grade school but he did a good job faking it for photos. We found a lot of nice locations right around Muscle Beach. It was very cute and funny seeing him squeeze into the tiny children's play area.  And I made a point of taking a couple of photos of his size 3 US feet and shoes.  I'm so glad he took the time to fly to LA from Arizona to make this shoot happen.  Of course like all my models he gets free photos and website help whenever he wants.

Travis's sister originally contacted me and said "My brother is a gorgeous giant and wants to get into modeling what should we do?" I set up a photo shoot and we are going to make a page for him. I told her his height is a disadvantage for regular modeling work and an advantage for specialty shoots. He's looking to get into modeling as a "stunt casting" type guy. Meaning he is much too tall for a regular fashion show or shoot. He wants to be the occasional shoe-in for Gatorade commercials, sports clothes, etc. Or playing the staggering jerk, the evil boyfriend, the head of the jock frat, or a giant monster with plastic crap glued all over his body.

His relatives told me that when they went to see him in Les Miserables he didn't tell them he had a major role. Then he comes out onstage alone and starts singing.  At this point every straight girl in the high school auditorium went into a swoon!

He is a total natural in front of the camera. Very relaxed and can smile on command with is rare. Most wanabee models want attention but can't smile at ALL or take direction.  If anything I had TOO MANY smiling photos which is a good problem to have. His only downside is he is bad at playing the scowling, jerk bad guy. He will need to work on being more of a villain as that is what the majority of acting casting calls want when it comes to tall guys. You aren't gonna play the hero you are gonna play the bad guy, or his bodyguard.

6'7" Travis Jones looks like Tom Cruise, talks like Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actor/singer Travis Jones looks a lot like Tom Cruise sometimes. Until he stands up and you see he is 6'7" (2m)! Also, unlike Cruise, he is certified 00% Scientology free.  No trips to the Celebrity center for him. I shot photos of Travis for his modeling/acting portfolio. We shot on Venice Beach's famous Muscle Beach. It's a good location because there are all kinds of backdrops: workout area, beach, gritty urban, kiddieland and more.


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