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stuart bellamy male model headshot

6'4" (1.93m) Stuart Bellamy is a male model right on the edge of being too tall for the fashion industry so he must be easy to work with or they wouldn't keep hiring him.  He has agencies in London, New York, Barcelona, Milan and his native land, South Africa. 

There is not a lot about him on the net but he has written some things himself:  "I was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, where I had as pretty active lifestyle. I studied psychology and marketing for 6 years and was rowing for school, university and South Africa. I am very into my landscape photography so I spend a lot of time hiking and travelling.

I started modeling when I was 8 after school. I was on the beach in Cape Town and a nice lady came up to me and said I should try modeling. I went into the agency a week later and the rest is history. My first job was for a local SA client, I had to shout, scream and fight with 2 other guys. Quite a shock as I was very shy back then. But a lot of fun. One of the models in that first shoot is my booker now and good friend.

On catwalks, which I don’t do that often due to my height, it’s always fun and interesting as time is limited between changes, things always go wrong as you are in a rush and trying to remember your routine.

To attract someone's attention?…. GOD, I don’t know. I’m 6″4 with blonde hair, I attract enough attention all the time. But usually a soft smile does the job. To have fun, I get pleasure from the simple things in life. I’m into landscape photography so spend a lot of time hiking and out in the bush of Africa."

This grainy video is about all there is of him. Funny since his job is to be recorded.


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