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scott brothers posing joke formal attire

property brothers formal dress Identical twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott (born 1978) help home buyers to purchase and renovate "fixer-uppers" for their Canadian reality TV show "Property Brothers." They are also probably the shallowest people on this website, and is a VERY shallow website! Please look beyond their photoshopped faces and toothy veneers as we are about to dive below their plastic reality show surface!

Why do I say such negative things?  Because these twins do every shallow, phony Hollywood thing they can do to the MAX, and they do it in ... ick ... Las Vegas Nevada!  Shallow phonies care about few things other than getting attention and looking good.  Well they certainly are tall (6'5") and attractive.  As interior designers and real estate brokers they have cornered the market on vapid behavior.  Nobody in LA is shallower than sales people especially realtors. Realtors know that if they look hot people will come see their homes for sale even if they don't want to buy the house. They just want to eyeball the realtor.  Decorator/landscaper types are also so shallow.  All they care about is surface appearances and making rich people look even more opulent.

scott brothers design celebritiesWorst of all, these two men, who could date any man or woman they like, constantly boast of their foofy dogs.  DOGS!  There is a reason losers like Paris Hilton carry little Chihuahuas around.  It's to fill a "love void" in their lives because they didn't get enough love as children. Or maybe the Scott brothers had a traumatic childhood. Whatever happened, it happened before they turned 7.  And now all they can love is, obviously, nelly little foofy dogs any real man would be ashamed to be walking. What's the matter Scott brothers? Unable to discipline a man sized dog?  Of course they aren't! I meet losers like that in Hollywood all the time. They treat dogs like people and that means, inevitably, they treat people like dogs. Which you will find out if you criticize them for letting their windup toy of a pet poo on your lawn.  Nothing looks worse than a West Hollywood muscleman walking a "toy" Doberman pinscher.  They have no idea what they look like walking a dog the size of their shoe.

I wonder how much their assistants enjoy working with them on their show.  Do the brothers treat them like dogs? Wait, just one show?  Oh no, they are so egomaniac they have lots of shows. All of them REALITY SHOWS!  BLARF! They just can't stop making them and getting more attention. Even radio shows.  Finally, more evidence of their staggering vapidity was their attempt to break into acting.  Silly me winning an Emmy animating for Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Why did I stay behind the scenes?  Why didn't I try to appear on the Canadian TV show "Breaker High" like they did.  Wow!

Now you see the mindset of Hollywood "talent" (which is the word for actors on the set).  Oh everything looks so swell and almost too-perfect. In reality there are a lot of lonely people unable to connect with others. They use their looks, their money, their careers, their pets, to make themselves feel "different."  But they are always deeply unhappy and not even aware of how lonely they are. Think of the atrocious, drug soaked lives Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston led.  Sure they were great performers but they turned out to be lousy, self destructive people.  Most big stars had terrible childhoods like MJ did.  Fortunately these two property brother narcissists are twins so they will always have each other/themself.

And they took all their money, left Canada and moved to Las Vegas?  What was Phoenix not hot enough for these two?  Las Vegas? That's where people who couldn't make it in LA as actors move because it's the nearest affordable place that prostitution is legal and they can do something more lucrative than being the next big star.  What could Las Vegas possible have to offer for two men known for their visual sophistication?  Perhaps they bought Liberace's old homestead.

LEGIT BIO:  Drew and Jonathan Scott also have several other shows: Brother vs Brother, Buying and Selling, and Property Brothers at Home in addition to Off Topic with the Scott Brothers, a 13-week, 60-minute lifestyle radio series which aired on Corus Radio. Drew is a real estate expert (BLARF) who scouts neglected houses and negotiates the purchases. His brother, Jonathan, is a licensed contractor who renovates houses. Together, the Property Brothers help families find, buy, and transform fixer-uppers into dream homes on a strict time-line and budget. Each episode starts with the brothers showing buyer/buyers a house with everything on their wish list that tends to be over their budget. Afterwards, the brothers show them fixer-uppers usually with potential to become their dream home. After the buyers narrow it down to two houses, the brothers use computer-generated imagery to reveal their re-imagined vision of the home after renovations.

Jonathan Scott, a licensed contractor, and Drew Scott, a real estate agent (BLARF AGAIN), have managed real estate holdings for nearly 15 years. In 2004, they founded Scott Real Estate, Inc., a company that oversees the sales and construction of residential and commercial projects, with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and Las Vegas. Drew and Jonathan started buying and renovating property when they were teenagers. They bought their first house when they were 18 years old. After renovations, they sold it a year later for a $50,000 profit, while attending university. However, before going into real estate as a profession, the brothers tried acting. Both Jonathan and Drew appeared on the Canadian television show Breaker High. Drew had a role on Smallville and Jonathan was on the X-Files. The two also did improvisational comedy and Jonathan became an illusionist. They decided to go back to school for construction and design. Their business soon grew and they were approached to do the television show.

Barry Petersen reports from Las Vegas on the twin brothers' life, career and the new season of their competition show, "Brother vs. Brother."   Do these guys ever stop trying to get themselves on Reality Television?  They are certainly not sitting at home writing the great American novel.


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