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black giant model tj pettaway This gallery features the best of the tallest guys who are also the handsomest.  And when the shortest guy is 6'7" (2m) to start with you know there are a lot of giants on this page.

Massive 6'9" 210 lb. TJ Pettaway is an aspiring actor/model in Atlanta, GA.  He weighs 210 lbs. with a size fourteen US shoe!  Uh, I'm a big guy and I'm only a size 12 US.  He wants to expand his portfolio in Georgia and is looking for photographers.  I think he needs to move to LA so I can pay him for a photo shoot.  With his sunglasses off he is ridiculously handsome and has a great smile that is not intimidating.  Giant guys can be intimidating. Oh, who am I kidding? Giant guys are ALWAYS intimidating so they need to smile a lot. I do, and I'm only medium large. You can see TJ smile on his Modelmayhem page right here.

Giant 6'9" (2.05m) Eben Etzebeth (born 1999) is a South African rugby union footballer. As of 2014 he plays for the Stormers in Super Rugby and for Western Province in the Currie Cup. His playing position is lock. On 23 November 2013 he was nominated for IRB Player of the Year for 203.

Mark Russinovich is the definite shortie on this page compared, at least, to these giants.  Mark is still a big guy, but he's a Technical Fellow at Microsoft and doesn't even promote how tall he is!  I looked and looked but could  not find his height.  Still, he is obviously about 6'4" to 6'6". 

Russinovich was born in Salamanca, Spain and was raised in Birmingham, Alabama, until he was 5, when he moved with his family to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father was a radiologist and his mother was a business administrator of his father's radiology practice in Pittsburgh. Russinovich is of Croatian ancestry.

He was introduced to computers when his friend's father got an Apple II in the 1970s. He was able to reverse engineer its ROM and write programs for it. At age 5, he bought himself his first computer, a TI99/4A. About six months later his parents bought him an Apple II+ from his local high school when it upgraded the computer labs to Apple IIe's. He also wrote magazine articles about Apple II. In 1989, Russinovich earned his B.S. in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. The following year he received an M.S. in computer engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He later returned to Carnegie Mellon, where he received a Ph.D. in computer engineering in 1994 with thesis titled Application-transparent fault management under the supervision of Zary Segall.

In his role as an author, he is a regular contributor to TechNet Magazine and Windows IT Pro magazine (previously called Windows NT Magazine) on the subject of the Architecture of Windows 2000 and was co-author of Inside Windows 2000 (third edition). Russinovich is the author of many tools used by Windows NT and Windows 2000 kernel-mode programmers, and of the NTFS file system driver for DOS.

Huge basketball hunk Arnold Van Opstal does a photo shoot and interview with Cosmo magazine.  He also does fashion modeling and who is surprised? Not me!


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