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male model carolos headshot

short stop signA big thanks to the guys at for letting me use their photos here. ModelMayhem is a great site for getting a starter portfolio online where folks can search for it.  It is especially good for novelty talent like supertall guys or guys covered with tattoos.  You never know when a casting director will want an uncommon look.

These are some aspiring and working models but look out!  They are short!  Only 6'1" (1.85m) but that is the height you want to be to become a tall male model.  Over 6'3" and forget about it.  That is why you see the warning graphic at right.  That means the guys on this page are barely even as tall as me, Big Don.

Shame on these cuties. Shame!

Rick Malambri tolerates talking dog on Carrie Underwood Special
Actor Rick Malambri (Lead of Disney's Step-Up 3-D) and Singer Carrie Underwood Sketch from her Holiday Special. Rick discovers Carrie wears so much makeup to a public park that you would think she was turning tricks there. She also has a talking dog.


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