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handsome smiling boy headshotThis page has some big guys on it, especially for the "handsomest" section which is often male models who are shorter.  Everyone here is 6'4" (1.93m) or taller.  Like 6'4" (1.93m) Texas actor Jim Parrack of HBO's horror series "True Blood."  That show also features fellow tall hunk Joe Manganiello.  You pretty much have to be male model gorgeous to even audition for that show.

Jim Parrack (born 1981) is an American actor. He had a starring role as Hoyt Fortenberry in HBO series True Blood.  Parrack made his screen debut in the 2006 drama film Annapolis. From 2006–2008, he made multiple guest appearances on television shows such as Monk, Grey's Anatomy, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Criminal Minds. In 2008, Parrack was cast as Hoyt Fortenberry in the vampire television drama series True Blood. He was part of the main starring cast for the first five seasons, before departing for a season. Parrack returned to the show for the seventh and final season, again as a main cast member. In 2011, Parrack returned to feature films, starring in the military science fiction war film Battle: Los Angeles. The film was directed by directed by Jonathan Liebesman and co-starred Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Ne-Yo, and Michael Peña. In 2013, he starred in the drama film Child of God and the Spanish-American drama A Night in Old Mexico. He co-stars in the films Fury (2014) and the upcoming The Adderall Diaries. In 2014, Parrack joined the Broadway cast of Of Mice and Men, playing the role of Slim.

Some of the models on this page, like the cutie at left, are from  It's a great place to see sexy men and women of all ages and heights.

Most incredible is 6'7" 250 lb. Shawn who is easily one of the tallest, handsomest, most muscular guys on this website.  Equally impressive is 7' (2.3m)  250 lb.  Max Craig.


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