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male model smiling headshot

male model steven smiling headshot hot tubThe pics on this page represent the best headshots of a lot of great looking guys. Some are aspiring models in the Los Angeles, Southern California area.  At 6'3" (1.9m) they are almost too tall to be male models. But they are short for my website! Extra points are awarded if they can smile well for the camera like in this pic I shot of Steven, a great looking guy from Poland.  Not only is he muscular and handsome but he can take great photos effortlessly. He's not self-conscious.

Also on this page is handsome Canadian actor Corey Monteith of of the Fox show "Glee".  Zach Nichols is a wide receiver for the Saginaw Stings football team and he gained fame for appearing on MTV's The Real World: Sang Diego."  Every reality show has to have at least one bodybuilder on it.  And they better be shirtless most of the time!  It's in their contract no doubt.

Leon Nieuwoudt is a European male model.  Some of the models on this page are from  It's a great place to see sexy men and women of all ages and heights.

Corey Monteith pre-Glee in his first starring role in something called "Killer Bash." Whatever it's about (probably not much) at least he is shirtless a lot!


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