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Andreas Frey Talk about hard to find, handsome men who are very tall. Like bodybuilder Andreas Frey at left. He is also a giant bodybuilder of course. This is a photo taken of him when he was younger.  Too bad he was too massive to have done serious modeling back then. He would have taken more great face shots like this one.  The video below is of amazing bodybuilder Martin Valentin Larsen.

Many of the men below are also aspiring models.  Thanks to the men of for letting me use their photos. And a big thanks to me, right, for letting me use my photos.

6'6" bodybuilder Martin Valentin Larsen has finally popped up in a new video featuring his "3d abs".  You don't have to wear 3d glasses to enjoy the show though.   You can see more photos of him in this gallery.

He started weightlifting after an injury prevented him from playing football or soccer and kept him from running long distances. At first he made the beginner mistake of just trying to lift the heaviest weight possible without a good diet. He doesn't have that problem now. He eats two pounds of lean meat a day! That's about 350 grams of protein and 4500 calories daily. Martin was born in Holb�k Denmark and now lives in Frederiksberg. He was scheduled to graduate in 2015 with a degree in Psychology from K�benhavns Universitet in Copenhagen.

God I hate these awful foreign characters. They break my website code! He's also modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch. His Facebook page is here.


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