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celebrity kasey kahl

handsome man headshotFinally we are getting to a page with some decent height tall guys (aka taller than me) like 6'4" actor Owain Yeoman at left.  Owain Yeoman? Try to say that three times fast.   Also on this page is 6'4" young male model Edmund Roosendall from the Netherlands.  He was discovered vacationing in Miami, Florida and has worked for Calvin Klein in Hong Kong.  Also 6'4" is reality TV star Kasey Kahl.  He was on season 6 of "The Bachelorette" and likes to run around shirtless a lot which is about all the talent you need to be a reality TV star.  He's an advertising account executive and lives in San Luis Obispo, California.

6'5" hottie Craig Kilborn used to host the Daily Show before John Stewart, had his own talk show and also does sports shows. He loves to play and watch basketball. 6'7" Nelson Dellis is a grad student at the University of Miami, a mountaineer and also an incredible memory whiz.  When he's not mountain climbing and raising money for Alzheimer's research he takes part in memory contests where people memorize huge amounts of info like 248 numbers in a row or the order of an entire deck of cards.

Reality TV Star Kasey Kahl on "The Bachelor" HD
Reality TV star Kasey Kahl on the finale of "The Bachelor" on ABC.  He looks good and says stuff. Something or other probably about the show.  Didn't watch it. Why?  I don't watch reality TV!


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