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actor liam hemsworth

This page features a lot of models and actors that are 6'3" (1.9m). That is pretty much the cutoff for finding work in this town.  Models can't get hired unless the fit in standard sized clothes and actors can't get gigs if they tower over everybody else in a shot. It's distracting unless the character is supposed to be tall, such as a bodyguard or monster. When the star is not tall, such as Tom Cruise, the entire movie is cast according to his height.   A tall guy will never be cast as Tom Cruise's best friend or even the villain. He would look like he could clobber Cruise.  Q:  What did Nicole Kidman say when she divorced Tom Cruise?  A:  Now I can wear high heels again!

There are two Australian actors named Liam on this page alone.  Actor Liam McIntyre was in the TV miniseries "The Pacific" which I also worked on doing special FX.  He is currently starring in the TV show "Spartacus" where he replaced Andy Whitfield who got cancer and had to quit the show.  Expect lots of shirtlessness and man-on-man combant.  Boy I love gladiator movies! 

Liam Hemsworth is part of the acting/hunk family of Luke and "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth. You know, the giant muscle guy who can't act?  You can see even more Liam on this main page.   He was doing Australian soaps until he came to Hollywood and made a terrible terrible movie with Miley Cyrus. Next he is going to be in the big buzzed about movie "The Hunger Games." 

While filming The Last Song in June 2009, Hemsworth began a relationship with his co-star Miley Cyrus despite the fact that she is nutz. After three years of having an on-again, off-again relationship, the couple announced their engagement in June 2012. They lived together in Los Angeles but ended their relationship in September 2013. In July of 2014 Hemsworth noted that he and Cyrus would "always be best friends" and they had "an instantaneous and powerful connection." Maybe they are both nutz?

Hemsworth is the ambassador of the Australian Childhood Foundation. Hemsworth talked about his association with the foundation, "I have the best parents you can have. They have worked in child protection for twenty years and have only ever given me encouragement and support. The world is a scary enough place as it is for children. It is important that home should always be a safe place for them." When asked if he believed he was a hero to children, Liam said he did not know, but that he would like to be a good role model.

Actor Michael Trucco has worked on Battlestar Galactica, Law and Order and has a recurring role on "How I met your mother."  Trucco became active in television in the late 1990s with appearances in episodes of Touched by an Angel, Silk Stalkings, Beverly Hills, 90210, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and Pensacola: Wings of Gold among others. He continued appearing in shows of similar genres like CSI, Heartbeart, Strong Medicine, CSI: Miami, and others into the 2000s. He played Cooper Lee in six episodes of One Tree Hill from 2005 to 2006. In 2002, Trucco starred in Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled.

In 2005, he joined the drama Battlestar Galactica in the role of Samuel T. Anders. In 2008, he guest-starred on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit] and The Big Bang Theory. In 2010, he guest-starred on ABC's series Castle as Detective Tom Demming. In 2010, Trucco was cast as a series regular in the USA Network series Fairly Legal. Trucco guest starred in a season 6 episode of How I Met Your Mother in 2011, and had a recurring role in the show's eighth season. He played the recurring character Nate Ryan in the second season of Revenge. Trucco is also the lead guitarist of the band Simpleworld.

On Sunday, December 2, 2007, Trucco was involved in a car accident with a friend who was driving a Ferrari 360 on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. The vehicle flipped on an embankment, landing upside-down, impacting Trucco's side of the car. Trucco was badly injured in the accident, fracturing four of his vertebrae, while his friend walked away uninjured. He has stated that he initially lost feeling in his arms. He was eventually able to get out of the vehicle after regaining feeling in his hands and used his cell phone to call for emergency help. He was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center for successful surgery. As of December 10, 2007, Trucco was out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. Doctors said he was extremely lucky, suffering almost the same injury as Christopher Reeve.
Male model Jesper Vesterstrom (left) is also a world class wind surfer.  Hello sailor!


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