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handsome man

stop signSee that handsome 6'2" (1.87m) guy at left?  Big Don is proud to announce I did him!  Yes, hubba hubba. We met online here in West Hollywood and he came over. We really hit it off personally and intimately and he looks better in person. What a wonderful Hollywood story!  The next day he went back to San Diego and didn't return my emails. What a typical Hollywood story.  The only happy ending you'll get in this town is at the massage parlor.  And people wonder why I am single so often.

Everybody else on this page is also 6'2" just like me.  That's why you see the warning sign at right.  There are a lot of male models on this page, including Frenchman Florian Bourdila, James Triglone and Brit Jeremy Young.  Jeremy Young first appeared in the Burberry Black Label Fall/Winter 2008 campaign. He has since become one of Burberry's favorite, featured in many of their lookbooks and campaigns.  Check him out in the black and white test footage below.

Male Model Jeremy Young


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