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handsome male model

stop signOh woe is me, every male model on this page is short, relatively speaking. They are only 6'1" (1.85m).  That's why you see the warning sign at right. It tells you that nobody truly tall gets a job in modeling. Why would they hire a seven foot tall model who can't fit into clothes off the rack?  David Filipiak, at left, was born in Orange County and now lives in Hollywood. 

David Miller has been photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and Bruce Weber, and has appeared on runways and in ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Dior, Lacoste, Armani, Versace, Boss, Vivienne Westwood, Perry Ellis and Nautica.  He was born in South Africa in a white community isolated from the racist policies of that country's Apartheid. "I grew up in a small community outside of Capetown, South Africa. Apartheid was invisible to me as a child, you really didn't know anything was wrong because everything was so segregated and as a child you grow up thinking everything around you is normal. Now of course, as I learn more and more about what went on I feel bad, I feel terribly embarrassed, none of it should ever have happened."

Devin Paisley is from South Africa as well. What is it with that country that coughs up so many good looking white boys?  Maybe the just want to get the hell out of there.

Eric Belanger is from Canada and Ferran Calderon is Spanish.  That means he comes from Spain. See, I am very cosmopolitan in my vocabulary.  Ingo Brosch is a hunky German AND a sexy silver haired daddy so that's two pluses in my book.  John Kenney is from Connecticut and worked odd jobs in LA until he became a contest on the TV show "Survivor."  This led to lots of modeling gigs.

IN HIS OWN WORDS:  I was born in Montreal, Canada. I�m a pure french Canadian . I studied direction of photography in cinema and television. I started early to work on the lighting of American productions. My first movie was 300, I was 20 years old. It was shot in Montreal. At the age of 23 I�ve been scouted and they wanted me to go in Milan to start my career. I was suppose to leave the cinema business for 3 months and come back. It�s been 5 years since then and I haven�t had time to come back yet. I still have some friendship and connection in that business. Since then I�ve been traveling the world, Working for company like GQ and Giorgio Armani in Milan, Paco Rabane in Paris, Vogue in London, Ermeneglido Zegna in New York, tv commercial for C&A and Nivea in Germany, even some tvc in Tokyo where I had to learn to speak Japanese.

And, well now I will be starting a university certificate in Biology and keep on modeling and traveling at the same time . I went in Mauritius for a 2 week vacation and fell in love with the ocean over there. I always loved the biology but now i really want to learn more about it. I always been fascinated about those animals documentary and it�s something that i would love to do later.


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