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tall tim cute driving handsome male model

The star of this page is another mystery man, 7' (2.3m) Tim. He is very at ease in front of the lens and loves to clown for the camera. I bet he has a great personality in real life because he's not afraid to act silly. But who is he?  I'm lucky I know his height. Somebody help me out here. Also on this page is Me, 6'2"  Big Don Weho, my friend 6'5" Hunky Hank who I shot in West Hollywood in 2009 and Polish Power! Hank was a lot of fun to work with shooting him playing basketballf for my other website We got thrown out of G*o*l*d*s Gym in Hollywood for shooting, a public swimming pool, a public fountain. It was a busy day! Later while shooting the interview a bird pooped on him. A Big Don exclusive!


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