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tall man

This page features a lot of handsome headshots and I know the heights of a lot of them. First is 6'8" programmer Jim Buckmaster. Tall, smart, handsome, altruistic and now rich doing it his way. They don't get better than that!  Athletes on this page include 6'9" 250 lb. Tyler Hansbrough, 6'5" Howie Long in his prime, tennis pros 6'3" 75 lbs. Novak Djokovic and 6'4" 90 lbs. Marat Safin. They will both be getting their own galleries soon.  Howie Long and his entire family of giant sons deserve a whole website of their own.

Also on this page is actor Lee Pace of the TV show "Pushing Daisies." He is dangerously close to too short for this web page as are some of the guys listed first. 6'1"?  I better put up my warning sign ...

clint trickett has five concussions

DECEMBER 2014:  Let's face facts: West Virginia is a dump!  How do you tell who is rich in West Virginia?  They have TWO cars on cinderblocks not one.  But finally I had a reason to think nice thoughts about the Mountain State because the quarterback at WVU was Clint Trickett, the most handsomest, male modeliest unbearably cutest of all!

He has just about the best looking head in college football. Which is why he was probably bothered when he got five concussions in 14 months.  Including two that he hid from his trainers!  He has decided to give up football for the sake of his skull, which is apparently more important to him than throwing pigskin.

After failing to get cleared from his last concussion suffered Nov. 20 against Kansas State it was announced that he would not play in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.  He will be relieved by  puny 6'0" sophomore Skyler Howard who is not even tall enough to be on this website.   

The video above shows him shortly before his last concussion in September 2014 in which he reviews towson and previews the Maryland game.  Trickett has decided to remain incredibly gorgeous and pursue a coaching career like his father, who is the offensive line coach at Florida State.


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