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The men on this page are mostly young aspiring models from all over the world. You can see even more guys this good looking of all heights at  Thanks to the handsome guys there for letting me use their photos.

6'9" (2.05m) ike catcher shoots fitness video
Massive and superhandsome Ike Catcher is from Austria. Not much is known about him. There aren't many photos of him on the Internet even under his real name. He is a poor promoter.  His Facebook profile at the link below says little.  But he is not little, not at 6'9" (2.05m)!  His weight goes as high as 260 lbs. He has not got a lot of photos online and the few videos he has posted are often grainy and amateurish.  Sometimes he goes by the name "Wortgewalt" which means "violent words."  Huh?  Musclemen are usually such terrible self-promoters!

He beat out 17 other men and won the Mr. Vienna 2013 contest where he performed some rap songs. He enjoys singing rap.   He won again in 2014. He came in second in the Mr. Austria 2013 contest behind Philipp Knefz who is 6'1".  He is studying chemistry in college, does personal training on the side and enjoys kickboxing and Wing Tsun kung fu. He also won first place in a Venice CA muscle beach contest in Sept. 2014.

In this fitness video, or behind the scenes at a fitness video ... Or maybe it's a behind the scenes of a rap video shoot. I dunno. Whatever it is he looks great working out even though I have no idea what they are saying.

In 2015 I met Ike in person at Venice Beach and he said he didn't want to be in my website so I deleted his gallery. He came across as a homophobic jerk who was grandstanding for the crowd and desperate for attention.  He even dragged his own giant boom box out in the public weight pit to annoy everyone with HIS choice of music. He also got absolutely super jealous that I was shooting a bodybuilder taller than he was. Tsk tsk!

Narcissists are, ironically, very poor promoters. Guess how long they last in Hollywood. Exactly!  This town sees those people coming from a mile away.


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