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Some of these tall men are borderline short, hence the warning at right. But not huge, handsome and mysterious Keith at left. He is one of the hunks on the Marist College basketball team. Click the link to see them.

A big thanks to the fabulous face men at for letting me use their photos here.  You'll see plenty of great looking men and women of all heights on that site.

 beautiful Dreamboat crooner clint walker sing beautiful dreamer

clint walker actorHe's tall, he's buff, he's super-handsome, he can act and he sings baritone! Handsome hunk Clint Walker does them all at once in this clip singing Stephen Foster's "Beautiful Dreamer."

6'6" (1.98m) Clint Walker was one of the first tall muscleguy actors to make it big in something other than a silly Italian Hercules movie or Tarzan rip off.  Since that time Hollywood has embraced big men and actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and many many shorter thespians have made action movie money off their muscles. Now it is at the point where you can't star in an action movie without looking like Clint Walker. And it's really really hard to find somebody that good looking who can act.  He starred in the western TV show Cheyenne for many years and you don't pull that off if you can't perform and gain an audience's sympathies.

Clint is selling high quality autographed photos of himself and copies of Cheyenne on DVD at his website at this link. Be sure to check out his page for much much more on Clint.


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