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tall man

At 6'5" and 235 lbs. with long black hair John Gearries looks like he stepped off the cover of a Tarzan tale or romance novel. Especially with his massive, chiseled chin and bone structure. It is no surprise his feet are a gigantic size 5! I am 6'2" and only size 2. He lives in Indianapolis, IN and is getting his MBA in Business. He also likes bodybuilding and baseball and church on Sundays.

But he likes performing best, from singing in the choir to acting onstage. He eventually wants to come to New York or here, to LA, to attend an acting school. Thanks for letting me use your pics here, John! Now you need to send me new ones with more smiling like the one at left. Isn't it cute? Can't smile enough in Hollywood. And more tank top pictures John. Precious tank top pics!

Perhaps one of the many many gorgeous girls who are his friends on Modelmayhem will take some photos for me ...


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