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Dror Okavi charcoal drawingPoor Dror is only 6'1", and barely tall enough to make it on my website. But he is so hot how can I not promote him? According to his web page he was born December 28th, 978 in Bet Halevi, Israel. Like many musclemen, Dror's biggest inspiration growing up was Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the age of 5, as a young athlete, he already knew that he wanted to be as strong and famous as his role model, Arnold. At age of 6 Dror began his training in the gym for the first time. There he met his trainer/nutritionist Yair Lav. Yair saw great potential in Dror and showed him the correct way of working out. Dror learned quickly and working out became his passion.

At the age of 8, Dror joined in the Israeli Army and served his country for three years. While in the army, he was in charge of physical training. He implemented a strenuous workout that was incorporated with their military training.

After leaving the army he went right back to the gym, and trained intensely for the Mr. Israel competition. With the help of Yair Lav and Kobi Ezra he was more determine then ever to win the championship.

Dror won his first Mr. Israel title when he was just 2 years old. At 22 years old he won Mr. Israel for the second time and won overall champion with only 3.3 % body fat!

Dror became a personal trainer and did some modeling for the next few years before he decided to come to the U.S. in 2004.

He is currently a personal trainer and fitness model. He has worked with some great photographers, like Alex Ardenti, Charles Worthington, Michael Neveux and Keith Munyan. He also worked with Rich Gaspari at this year's Arnold Classic, where he met Arnold himself!

Dror currently lives in Los Angeles where he is pursuing his career as a fitness model.

Clips from Dror's Lifestyle and Workout video.


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