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actor derek theler modeling b&w abs abdominals

Derek Theler is a 6'5" (1.96m) American actor and model. He was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA in 986. He grew up playing sports and graduated from Colorado State with a degree in pre medicine.

Derek started his acting career in 2009, starring in several minor roles in TV series such as The Middle, Cougar Town, and The Hills. He also auditioned for Captain America but was not cast. in 2012, Theler landed his first recurring role when he was cast in the ABC Family comedy, Baby Daddy, playing Danny Wheeler, the brother (and roommate) of a guy who finds out he is a father when someone drops a baby off on their doorstep.   The show has been shot for three seasons as of 2014.

In between acting gigs, Theler appeared as a model in TV commercials. He first landed a coveted Coke Zero commercial in 2009. This then followed by a campaign for State Farm, in which he played a 'hot guy' who is 'sensitive' and has a 'dark side.' He has also been in commercials for Nike,, Arby's, and Verizon.

Aside from acting, he was also the writer and executive producer of a short film called Intrusion and playing football and swimming, Theler currently resides in Los Angeles

A link to his slick website is below.

You don't cast Derek Theler to be the concentration camp victim or the sickly nerd. Here he shows off what he brings to the HD table while acting in the comedy "Baby Daddy" for the ABC Family channel. Personally, Big Don finds another Disney owned channel with "family" in the name about as fun as a trip to the restroom at EPCOT. But I can see why Derek was cast. He is tall, superfit, handsome and a good actor/comic.

How un-typical of the family channel. Show a lot of skin for ratings!  I guess they are desperate for ratings in these dark economic times. They do have a huge number of other channels they compete with. What is a global media conglomerate to do? To think that the original founder of the channel that became "ABC Family" was founded by Christian televangelist Pat Robertson.  He must be spinning in his grave, if he were dead yet. And I sure wish Pat Robertson was!

Not having watching anything about the show other than this clip, I will have to trust Wikipedia when I tell you "The series follows Ben, a guy in his twenties, who gets the surprise of his life when a one night stand leaves her baby at his doorstep. Ben decides to raise his little girl with the help of his brother, Danny, his two close friends, Riley and Tucker, and his mother, Bonnie."

Theler plays a pro hockey player who is the only one who knows that some girl loves his brother or something. Anyway, the soundtrack has the laughs added later in post as they all run 'round  big, brightly lit sets with candy colored furniture placed just so.


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