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david entinghe6'2" 75 lb. male model David Entinghe has the epitome of the "All American" look, by which I mean German. Technically, if he were all American he would have to be Navajo.  This Ohio native attended Ohio Northern Univ. to study sociology.  Entinghe was unexpectedly thrust into the modeling world when a female friend in college submitted a few of his shirtless photos to "Cosmopolitan Magazine". Soon after, he was featured in the yearly bachelor edition of the magazine. 

According to Pgk Models "Worried about paying off his school loans, David balanced staying in school with flying around the world for his early shoots and shows.  Once his DNR cover with Rod Folkerts hit, with Cosmos Bachelor issue and A&F already under his belt, David soon graced ad's for Tommy, Target and his first campaign, Arrow Shirts. This was all in his third month on the job."

Like most models David is short by Big Don's Boys standards. If you can't fit into a 40 long suit you are worthless as a mannequin. Once giant bodybuilder Conan Stevens wrote me and said "Here are some photos I took to try to get a modeling gig."  I said "A modeling gig???!  You are seven feet 320 lbs.!  What other person on earth could possibly wear your clothes???"


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