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At 6'3" dancer/actor/model Calum Winsor is already pushing the edge as to how tall a model can be and still get work.  You need to fit in an off the rack size sometimes.  But he can drastically change his "look" just by changing haircuts. He's also much buffer than most male models and loves to show it.  He's my favorite kind of clothing model, the kind that doesn't like to wear clothes.  Sometimes I see billboards on the Sunset Strip where I live featuring fashion models wearing next to no ... fashion!

Currently working as a personal trainer in Miami Beach, Calum is from Sydney Australia but got his U.S. Visa in 2014.  He went to Australian Catholic University where I hope he managed to say away from those grabby Catholic priests!  But I'm sure he's big enough to defend himself.  Since 2016 he has been signed with Wilhelmina Intl. so hopefully he will be able to add some good gigs to his book. 

Beyond that, like so many models new on the scene, not much is known.



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