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model arthur keller

short stop sign6'2" (1.87m) fashion model Arthur Keller was born in Switzerland in 1988.  Since 2010 he has shot campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Burberry, SYN Menswear, N2N Underwear and more. 

He is signed with modeling agencies in New York, Milan, Paris, London, Hamburg and Copenhagen.

Other than that not much is known.  He was born in Geneva Switzerland.  His career took off in 2010 when he signed with RED NY.  " I was born in the Geneva area, I carry both Swiss and French citizenship. My parents were expats for a couple of years when I was a kid so I got to live in amazing places like San Francisco and Hong Kong. When back in Europe I left home at 13 to get into Olympic Sailing. I competed full time on World cups and other big races until 2010. I am now living in NY for the past 2 years. "

How does he stay fit?  "On a regular basis I like to combine hot yoga, cardio and body weight training. As for the food, it's the most difficult part... I follow a vegan diet most of the time, it's excellent for you, but I do still eat meat and sweets occasionally as a treat ! "

Arthur is also a good photographer and his work can be seen here.  It's always nice when the photographer is hotter than his subject.

Red Model Management did this test of Arthur Keller. One thing is for sure, this is NOT a wardrobe test. Something tells me he passed anyway.

I could not believe what happens at the end of this commercial.  Arthur Keller plays the world's best looking man (type casting) who walks into a bar full of pretty girls. They notice him, whip out their Verizon phones and ... and ... I think you just better watch it.  Was this made for the American market? It's a little outrageous?!


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